5 Reasons Why Your Washer Is Vibrating and How to Fix It

While it's normal for a washing machine to vibrate during various parts of the washing process, it's a completely different story if it's shaking so hard that it's walking across your laundry room. This article lists all the reasons why your washer is vibrating, as well as solutions to stop it.

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Reason #1: Unbalanced Load

The violent vibrations of the washing machine might be caused by an unbalanced laundry load. 

In most cases, large, absorbent items such as blankets and rugs are the culprits. They'd hog one corner of the washer during the spin, throwing it off balance and causing it to vibrate. 


The simple solution here is to add or remove a few items to the machine to balance the load. If you're washing solid items, such as dirty sneakers, add some towels or softer items to prevent it from rattling. 

Reason #2: Unbalanced Washer 

When a washer is unbalanced, it's natural for it to create noise when it's being used. 

Try to rock the machine back and forth or from side to side. If it's moving, you're likely dealing with uneven feet or uneven flooring.  


Place a level width-wise on top of the machine. If the bubble isn't between the two center lines, you're dealing with an unbalanced washer. 

Reach under the washing machine and turn or loosen its feet until they're firmly on the floor. If you struggle to adjust the feet with your fingers, use a pair of tongue-in-groove pliers.

Reason #3: Shipping Bolts  

If your washing machine is shaking violently despite it being brand new, check the back for shipping bolts. You might have forgotten to remove them when you first received the machine. 

Shipping bolts, also known as transportation bolts, are hard plastic bolts that hold the drum to keep it in place during transportation. If left on the machine, they can cause serious vibrations. 


Shipping bolts are pretty easy to remove. Using a wrench, loosen each bolt and pull them out of the hole. 

Don't throw these bolts as they might come in handy later on when you want to move the appliance. 

Reason #4: Loose Washer Basket  

If your washing machine drum is loose or off-center, you're likely dealing with broken bearings, stretched suspension rings, or damaged shock absorbers. These parts are responsible for keeping the drum in place and balancing the machine. 


Replacing damaged parts in and around the drum isn't easy. To prevent costly mistakes, schedule an appointment with the manufacturer to fix the machine for you. 

Most washing machines come with a warranty of 10+ on motors and drums, so take advantage of it to save on service fees. 

Reason #5: Clogged or Dirty Filter Pump 

The vibrations might be caused by a foreign object stuck in the pump filter. The filter is located at the bottom of the washing machine, usually in the right-hand corner. 


Place a shallow basin beneath the filter to catch water. Then, remove the filter and throw out the lint and debris it collected. 

Soak the filter in warm soapy water for about 10 minutes. Afterward, scrub it with a soft-bristled brush. Once you're certain it's free from all residue, insert it back into the machine.

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